Looking Outwards – 07

Nick Hardeman

Nick Hardeman is a new media artist, designer, and experimenter. Nick enjoys drawing, painting and combining traditional mediums with emerging technologies. He utilizes technology to create immersive environments that bring wonderment and provoke discovery through exploration. Nick’s work includes fine art, interactive installations, mobile and online applications that investigate new modes of creative expression. He joined Design I/O after its founding in 2007, and has been a key figure in all the group’s works since. He is currently the Minister of Interactive Art at Design I/O (a title he created himself).

Nick Hardeman’s work focuses predominantly on interactive art, as his title implies, and it is for this reason that I find him so admirable.  I love art that engages the observer, and Nick Hardeman operates with the sole intent of finding a way to call the observer into his works and move them beyond just passively watching his art; instead, making the observer and active agent in the progression and impact of his piece.  This draws upon his desire to make art interactive and incorporate the people who see his work into the bodily compendium of each piece: making it an entirely different experience for each person who interacts with the work.  With this in mind, I am most impressed and admiring of his most recent work with his Design I/O team: Connected Worlds.  Its capacity to tell independent stories that truly integrate the observer fascinates me, and is something that I hope to be able to accomplish with my work someday.

As for how Nick Hardeman presents his work, he addresses it rather factually, not embellishing the workload, nor underselling the work that went into the final product.  He is quick to joke about the process and his contributions, but this never takes away from the listeners understanding of the work involved.  This is something that I believe would be helpful if I ever came to present my work, as it is important to relay the information about how the piece was birthed and then built, but it is equally as important to engage the observer and not lull them to sleep with abstractions and a plethora of facts.  Sometimes its important to make them laugh.

Eyeo 2015 – Theo Watson and Nick Hardeman from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

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