This project in particular was a challenge for me because when I set out to create my curve, which was a Spirograph, I wasn’t sure how to implement the equations I was given. This project really pushed me, as it required a great deal of outside research to implement the effects I wanted. The map() and scale() functions, which I had never used before, quickly became my best friends. It took a considerable amount of trial and error (approximately 3 separate versions of the same program) before I managed to get the response I wanted. A relatively minor element that I am actually quite proud of is the echo effect caused by moving the Spirograph. I managed to accomplish this by making a black, but semi-opaque, rectangle which redrew with each iteration and covered the previous versions of the Spirograph partially at first but progressively more as it redrew, until the canvas became solid black again. Ultimately, this project really forced me to utilize the online resources provided to me in a way that I haven’t had to do before, and I think this change resulted in a much cooler final product than I would have been able to produce otherwise.