Joo Yun Han – Project 07

For this project, I would like to create the landscape in space. I was inspired by the movie Starwars, the scene that main characters travel to another planet through hyper space. I decorate the canvas like the spaceship control room such as window showing outside the spaceship and moving control gear. I put star lines from the center of the canvas to edges for the first-person perspective. Also, for the perspective, the planets and asteroids become bigger by coming closer move away when it comes nearby. Four objects are continuously generated and those are moving away towards the edge as well. I was excited to create space traveling concept. It was challenging to make it like the first-person perspective. I asked to many friends of mine whether they can feel they are moving forward in the space, they hesitated to say ‘yes.’ I am working on it very long time and I was enjoying it, so I am kind of hypnotized – I feel like I am moving forward into space.