Final Project

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Due to the multiple files, the project is hosted on my website HERE.  Code has been submitted to Autolab.

For my final project I created a info vis /digital memorial to migrants that went missing while traveling across the Mediterranean.  The data came from the Missing Migrants Project, which tracks and locates migration around the world.

This project turned out to be more ambitious then I had expected- both technically and conceptually.  After looking at several data vis projects, I wanted to try something that was a bit less “data vis”.  I used the idea of being “lost at sea” as an experience by having the user scroll around to find the flower memorials floating in the space.  When the mouse is over a flower, a map and information appears that give you information about the incident that occurred in that location.  I am still unsure about how I feel about the overall experience, but am interested in further pursuing alternative ways of showing information.

While coding, I came across multiple technical issues that I had to resolve.. I created several functions and objects for this project and had to deal with placement and mapping things across the screen.  It felt great to be able to put together different things I learned throughout the semester and be comfortable with p5js to create something a little more elaborate.  I would be interested in continuing working with programming to see how to further integrate it into my practice.