Looking Outwards 04 – Joe Cossins

After looking through some of the links provided this project stood out the most to me. It is called Neil Mendoza’s Electric Knife Orchestra. As a musician myself – this project is remarckable. Neil Mendoza must be an excellent programmer as well as musician. The most interesting piece of this orchestra is the two knives that are conveying some kind of electric current that makes the fuzzy noise in the backgound of the song. Although the song itself is by the Beegees and a computer did not generate it with some kind of algorithm; I still think this piece is innovative because the pieces of the orchestra are all kitchen utensils. I find the meat-cleaver pretty hilarious as it essentially provides the bass for the song. The orchestra is controled by Arduino running firmware.

Here is a link to the video:

The Electric Knife Orchestra by Neil Mendoza

The Electric Knife Orchestra by Neil Mendoza_05

The Electric Knife Orchestra by Neil Mendoza_02