“Looking-Outwards-11” by Ashley Chen

For my project, I wanted to do something based on social media and responding to how people interact on the internet. That combined with an interesting interactive component as well as aesthetically pleasing representation is what my final project proposal is about. In thinking about this project, I’ve come across a lot of interesting projects that has inspired the beginnings of this project.

I like Nicolas Felton and Moritz Stefaner’s style of representation; I also like the iterative game component of the game Dig n’ Rig, but the two projects I want to focus on are The Museum of Feelings Exhibit, and Spam Architecture, Alex Dragulescu. Both projects portray a significant part of online, digital life in a creative and interesting way.

The Museum of Feelings is an exhibit that changes and reacts to the emotions of the people who visit it. The emotions are determined by people taking selfies and overlaying color using a ‘MoodLens’. The museum then takes in all of these emotions and displays them back, to be seen by people visiting.

Spam Architecture is a series of computer generated piece of architecture that takes in junk mail to fuel the creation of each building. Various keywords were identified and translated into a beautiful, interesting piece of architecture.