RogerSectionA – Looking Outwards 04 (Kabbalistic Synthesizer)

I started producing in the 8th grade, and was, for the most part, self-taught. Most of the sound and music that I create is from an odd method of sampling that I taught myself over the years, where I record and combine a variety of otherwise normal sounds throughout the day since I myself don’t know how to create them. The end result is a unique sound, but it is not a sound that I usually make through planning, but through improvising. That is why I not only respect people that are able to program their own sounds on a more “technical” level, but still include some form of improv when they do it.

This particular synthesizer made by Sam Conran is one of those inventions that I probably will not be able to ever do, but have great respect for. By harnessing waveforms generated through Earth’s magnetic field, he not only molds these sounds to his liking, but also has some touch of “surprise” when the waveforms simply play back their own self-made magic. Most of the components of a usual synthesizer, such as the signal, noise, or ADSR, have been replaced with “alternatives…generated by live macrocosmic phenomena”. This takes sampling to a level that I never thought was possible, and also produces very interesting sounds as you can see in his SoundCloud below. The “Harp” synthesizer is my personal favorite.