Edward Shin_Project 05 Curves

For this project, I wanted to use the Astroid Curve. Simple, yet elegant. Trying to find the best way to make this project unique, I looked into its backgrounds and history and found that its roots derived from the Greek meaning “star.” I got interested in this theme, and then thought, “Why should the iteration have to stay stuck in one place while going through change?” That’s when I thought of the idea of “stars dancing in the sky.” I made the curves out of points to fit the “star” theme and went with two curves to create an idea of a dancing duo. I set up my mouse programs in the following ways:

MouseX controls the rotation and revolution of the Astroid Curves.

MouseY controls the size of the curves. They’re set to change in an inverted relationship.

I also made keyPressed() functions to mess with the transparency of the background so the Astroid Curves could be seen in different ways. Please enjoy the “Dancing Stars.”

Press the keys 1-3 and see what happens.



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