Final Project (Due 12/10)

This project is due Thursday December 10th at 11:59pm. If you have a remaining grace day, you may use it for the final project, making the effective due date Friday December 11th at 11:59pm. 

This project is an opportunity for you to explore your own, self-directed interests in creative technology. It should be at about the same “scale of effort” as one of the weekly open-ended projects, but the topic is up to you.

Your project should involve the creation of custom software, toward some personally interesting end. Some possibilities for projects include: an information visualization; an audiovisual performance instrument; an interactive game; a Twitter bot; an interactive camera-based installation; an animation; a system for computationally generating forms for digital fabrication; etcetera.

Where possible, we hope that you can embed your project in a post on this WordPress site. However, we understand that some projects are either very large, require special libraries, or have too many files to practically install as working pages on WordPress. In that case, zip everything in one file and submit it to AutoLab. You must still make a blog post documenting your project. 


(These shouldn’t surprise you.)

  • Create a program in p5.js, as described above.
  • Embed your sketch in a blog post on this site. Make sure that your code is visible and attractively formatted in the post. Include some comments in your code.
  • Include an embedded video screen-grab (showing e.g. active game play, live interaction, etc), ideally with some explanatory narration. This is especially important for projects that cannot be embedded in WordPress. Instructions for recording screen video can be found here
  • In your blog post, write a paragraph (100-200 words, please) reflecting on your process and product. Briefly mention any key inspirations. Include some evaluation of your work.
  • Include images in your blog post documenting your process and product. For example, these might be sketches from your notebook, or other images of your project when it was a work-in-progress.
  • Include a couple screen-shots of your finished portrait. If possible, include a video screen-grab of your project in use.
  • Label your project’s blog post with the Category Final-Project.
  • Label your project’s blog post with the Category referring to your section (e.g. GolanSection, RogerSectionARogerSectionBRogerSectionD, or RogerSectionE).