Project 08 – Staff Picks

In Project 08, students from 15-104/60-212 produced some lovely computational portraits, involving all manner of play with (or based on) the constituent pixels of photographs of their friends, families, and selves.

Sydney Ayers & Samantha Mack produced one of the most technically ambitious investigations: a classic 15-piece puzzle made of images of their friends. Try it out!

Puzzle by Syd & Sam


John Sprong‘s project reveals a portrait through colored triangles, drawn by the viewer’s cursor, whose lengths are governed by the velocity of the viewer’s gestural drawing.


Aman Tiwari developed this unique radar-like display, by pre-processing an image of his friend beforehand in Matlab. Aman calculated local image gradients, using Sobel filters and related edge detectors, in order to guide the placement of the short lines shown here.


Antonia James created an interactive treatment in which the vertical movement of the cursor resamples an image in different ways, with lines of varying weight.


In Zain Islam-Hashmi‘s accretive treatment, dynamic spirals transduce the color of the underlying image as they grow.