Project 07 – Staff Picks

The overall quality of this week’s open-ended “Generative Landscape” projects was very high — thank you for such creative work! In case you’re curious, 56 students completed the Project in time for our review. Of those who completed a submission, the average grade was 2.26 (out of 3); the median grade was 2.2; and the standard deviation was 0.46.

For our Staff Picks this week, we have elected to focus on projects that departed significantly from the structure and/or concept of the horizontal scrolling building-scape we provided in our template.

Let’s begin with two projects that present new views on space, the final frontier. David’s view-from-above Star Wars project is very nearly a complete interactive game, while Joo Yun’s first-person cockpit view, also inspired by Star Wars, tells a different story about flying a spacecraft.

david jooyun

Some submissions were spectacularly surprising. Noreen’s bright green world of charming bugs and snails was one of the most unusual, personal and imaginative submissions of the week; she truly made this project her own, conceptually, visually, and algorithmically. Another unexpected and personal project was Marantha’s, which presented a surreal Dada concept-space full of household necessaries. We savored its inexplicability.

noreen md

Less surreal, but no less imaginative were two projects with very unusual takes on the concept of generative landscape. Bo presented a generative graphical music score inspired by the visual scores of John Cage (we loved her use of typographic elements), while Jen explored the banality of a potholed asphalt street in strikingly observant and careful detail.

bo jen

To be sure, a number of students made beautiful works using the side-scrolling format. This is, after all, how we often experience the world. We particularly admired projects by Xavier (who clearly misses the sunsets from his home state of Arizona), Shuangni (whose candy conveyor belt has tremendous style), Sydney A. (with an interactive ghost in an imaginative cave), Samantha (with a lovely storybook), Rhyse (with a hectic but ambitious undersea-scape), and Maggie (with a poetic night-time perspective from a train window).

xavier shuangni

sydney samantha

rhyse maggie