Project 01 – Staff Picks

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite responses to the prompt for Project 01, the self-portrait.


  • Alison’s self-portrait is careful and considered. This is sensitively executed, patient work, made with evident care.
  • Zai’s star constellation is personal, utterly unique, and carefully crafted with exceptional attention to color, shape, and overall composition. Great design.
  • Jen’s playful watch face is an unusual concept, demonstrating highly innovative lateral thinking and a simple yet smart, secret surprise when interacting.


  • Yoon’s traced photograph has rigorous visual design and excellent self-control. We wonder whether he did it ‘by hand’, or wrote an intermediate “helper” script?
  • Marisa’s project has superb colors and exquisitely crafted curves. One of the few projects to use transparency. This is really sharp, splendid work.
  • Ben’s solution, which is constructed exclusively from 10 arcs, exhibits exceptional (one might even say rare) restraint. A disciplined study.
  • Faith learned a lot to make her elegant, careful project. We admire how she taught herself about push(), pop(), and related transformations in order to achieve the rotated ellipses.