Virtual Harp – Damin Jung & Joo Yun Han

In this project, the user uses the webcam to touch the lines to play the harp. The user knows that he or she touched a certain line because it will not only bounce but produce colorful particles. The way this project works is that it subtracts the current pixel from the previous pixel of body parts and if the absolute value of that is greater than 100, then the sound plays. In order to prevent this program from slowing down, we removed particles once they leave the canvas. Originally we created a virtual piano, however we realized that adding a string sound would be more interesting. We recorded the harp sounds using the electronic piano. (This project does not work on Chrome but it seems to work fine on Edge)
To those who are crying due to our hard coding, we are sorry we’re making your eyes hurt. We spent the first week trying to figure out how to detect motion, and we spent the second week adding particles and figuring out how to make the sound stop playing frequently. By the time we figured this out, we didn’t have enough time to make our codes more neat.

Harp Demonstration