Kinematics Dresses
by Nervous System, 2015

The recently created kinematics dresses blew up all over the internet over the past year and many museums including MoMA are exhibiting the dresses.  The Kinematics project focuses on a blend of fashion ethics, customization, generative design, futuristic fashion technology and 3D printing. I admire the team’s attitude towards discovering a new way to introduce fashion design: through technology and printing instead of cheap labour in struggling countries. I suppose the algorithms used to create it are an intricate system intertwining a body scan and generative patterns. The creator team’s artistic sensibilities are tied in with this project clearly because they are interested in revolutionizing the fashion industry and to explore a new method of making wearables for the future.

Link to team’s post about the 7 dresses:

a tale of 7 kinematics dresses: a red dress, a museum acquisition, + 5 more