Final Project – NF

For my final project, I wanted to explore music interaction through the use of user controlled and visual elements. My submission is an interactive canvas on which the participant can use certain keys to move my drawn instruments and “shoot” or play the music notes. I used particles to create parts of perpetual movement that also make sounds when they collide with other elements or boundaries of the screen.  In addition, if the user chooses to drag the mouse instead of click, boxes are created rather than particles, allowing for more control by the user and further exploring the elements of animation and movement through p5.js. Along with my theme of music, the project allows for players to initiate scrolling music notes, which they can follow on screen with the controlled ‘note’ objects to simulate a song. Depending on their location on the screen, the music notes play varying pitches.

I had trouble executing all of what I intended in this project, however, am overall satisfied with what I was able to create from the techniques we learned in class and assignments. If I were to continue with this project, I would focus on creating more precise and varying interactions depending on the different objects that collide, and make a larger range of differing sounds. I would also like to explore changing the movement of the elements to be more intricate/interesting instead of the current format(similar to the space invaders example). Lastly, I would want to try and implement more of an interaction with the scrolling music notes and make the canvas pitches more accurate so to allow for a better/more enjoyable experience and display of music through my project.