Looking Outwards 11 – NF

For my final project, I was inspired by several of the artists that created forms of information visualization. A few that I looked at in particular were Aaron Koblin, Nicholas Feltron, Chris Harrison, and Amanda Cox. I am fascinated in their use of images and sometimes interactive elements to represent complex information or statistical data on a large scale. I especially like some of Koblin’s projects such as the ‘Bicycle Built For 2,000’ which compiles over 2,000 human voices recorded through the internet to create a song, and the ‘eCloud Project’ which is an installation made from tiles that fade between transparent and opaque states to reflect the weather from around the world. I also like Feltron’s projects, which use graphics to portray reports of yearly information.

I am inspired by their use of engaging visual elements and interactive features that allow for easy understanding of statistical information. I hope to incorporate similar elements into my own work for my final project.

Source: http://feltron.com/FAR11_02.html


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