Looking Outwards -10- NF

The artist I chose to look at this week was Beatrice Lartigue. Beatrice creates interactive art installations and investigates ‘invisible relationships within images, space and time.’ The particular project I found interesting is called “Moc,” which explores interactions between sound and image. It is an interactive piece that allows viewers to whistle into a microphone and watch a tree grow on the accompanying projector, uniquely based on the sound spectrum they produce. I enjoyed this project in that participants can visualize their own actions evolve through image, and am fascinated in Beatrice’s aim to represent immaterial data, such as sound, through her projects in a way that is fun and engaging for a community. I admire her humanistic approach, aimed at designing for all people as to empower an audience and encourage interaction with technology and physical architecture in our daily environments.

Source: http://epure.it/