Looking Outwards-08-NF

I found the subject of Lily’s Looking Outwards #4 to be especially interesting. She discovered a series of visual sound experiments created by Mark Wheeler in collaboration with Russ Chimes and Clay Wieshaar. In the experiments, the artists use live MIDI values to generate animations corresponding with musical notes and projecting into the real world. Like Lily, I am intrigued by this project in the way that it makes use of elements of vision and sound in real world settings. Wheeler says, “At first we planned on shooting at more wild, natural locations. However, after doing a test shoot in suburbia we realized there was something quite magical about the projections transforming these more mundane settings.” I agree with Lily in that the music feels almost tangible in these physical spaces, and that it’s beautiful to see the interaction of sound and image within the “collision of digital and physical worlds.” I find it fascinating that the patterns are always captivating and unexpected, while being generated from computed algorithms.

Source: http://www.creativeapplications.net/sound/visual-sound-experiments-transforming-suburbia-with-light-and-sound/

Lily Looking Outwards: http://cmuems.com/2015c/lfulop/09/23/lfulop_looking-outwards_04/