Looking Outwards 07 – NF

The speaker I studied this week was artist and programmer Zach Lieberman. Zach studied Fine Arts at Hunter College and Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design. He describes himself as “an artist, researcher, hacker, dedicated to exploring new modes of expression and play.”

Zach started out as a painter and printmaker, but since he has started using the computer, he makes use of code to create drawing tools for himself and to build his own means  for creative exploration. I find his work fascinating because it is largely performance or installation based and encourages interaction with the public. In the video, Zach says he like to inspire “surprise and wonder”, and reach people through his work.

I’m interested in his collaboration with advertisement and design and using creative practice to solve problems. I especially liked his projects dealing with interest in movement and the human body, such as a tool he helped build to allow a paralyzed graffiti artist continue making art. I also liked similar projects such as the ones that tracked movement to turn runs into paintings and used a car’s path to create a font.

I admire Zach’s work because he explores how art can be used in functional and everyday activities and how to come up with creative solutions to ordinary problems. As a designer, I can learn from Zach’s process of creative exploration and research through artistic approaches.


Website: http://thesystemis.com/