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turtle composition

This is a very unfinished project.

I extended turtles to (isometric) 3D using a simple isometric projection. I implemented this using vectors, making interacting with turtles far more sane and making it far easier to implement flocking (and in the future, other physics simulation iterative algorithms).


Johanna McAllister – Project 09 Composition

Jo geometric tunnels

Turtle graphics are not only good for easily coding organic shapes, but also for manipulating geometric shapes with simple code. I created some fun overlapping tunnels of these shapes, which are much prettier than the more organic-looking ones I drew:


Jo 6 Composition

Jo 5 Composition

Jo 2 Comp

Jo 3 Composition

Jo 4 Composition

Jo 4 composition

Project 09 Turtles

This project was exciting to me because it gave me a lot of freedom to create. I decided to, having total freedom, create a project based around being chased by a swarm of predators. Take what you will from that. I created a bunch of independent Turtles, all of whom I set to chase an ellipse I had placed at the mouse location. To make things extra interesting, I set up a for loop that created red twitching turtles that increased in number as the predators draw nearer to the mouse. This way, there is a feeling of panic as the predators close in on you.

I ran out of time to add a feature where the screen resets if the swarm catches the mouse, and this bothers me, so I expect I will continue to fiddle with this project. Another issue I ran into that I simply didn’t have adequate time to fix was that sometimes, when the mouse moves quickly to the side, individuals in the swarm will get stuck and just spin uncontrollably in a small circle. I also plan to go back later and fix that. However, though I did run into these issues, I really enjoyed this project, and I loved the freedom it provided to me!


Edward Shin_Project 09

For this assignment, I was interested in the idea of branching. So, I sketched out my idea then tried programming. Inititally, the program consisted of a line drawn then changing angles while adding a branch. Looking over it, however, I felt I needed to make it a little more more alive than simply making each “branch” run straight. I tried experimenting with curves for a more organic feel, and I got an interesting composition of circular branches. After a certain time, the iteration would stop adding branches and simply continue with growing singular curves for a nice transition from dense to less dense.

Press space to reset the program.

Click the mouse to add another branch. Limited to three clicks to prolong extra branching session.




Initial idea

Initial idea

Newer idea phases

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3



I decided to further the coding on assignment B and creating a flower like pattern using turtle graphics. Most of this was trial and error, for the majority of the time I worked on this my mousePressed wouldn’t work. I tried really hard to make this work and I think my ending result is very cute.


Project-09- Fuck Jackson Pollock

It’s really been a struggle to make anything good in this class and maybe it’s an issue with my ability to learn the material or perhaps the issue is just that I’m not good at it. However I’m sure that whatever I make in P5JS will be able to pass as some sort of abstract expressionist painting that will rival Jackson Pollock….


Tennley’s Project-09-Composition

My project has four different types of turtles. Each turtle draws a seed with a different number of sides. Each time the user clicks on the canvas a turtle spiral is drawn. The color of the spiral, the type of turtle used for the spiral, and the size of each spiral depends on the number of times the user has clicked so far.

Project 09-Greek tiled portraiture


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.51.27 PMOk-so last week I had wanted to make my project animated with each line (row) growing from left to right in succession from top down….I could’t figure out why my computer would’t load the code when I tried adding animation so ended up forgoing that aspect.

I was especially excited for this weeks project because I wanted to tackle the animation problem again.

The idea operates on the same principles-the weight of the line (in this case, turtle) varies depending on where in the picture the turtle is on.
I was going to go with spirals that originated from wherever the user clicked on the screen. The spirals would change width depending on where the turtle is at a given moment over the underlying image. Eventually, after lots of clicking, the overlapping spirals would have then formed a value drawing of your image.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.45.23 PM

…..unfortunately, while everything did end up running smoothly, I didn’t foresee the fact that since the spiral increases it’s step in every revolution it’s not picking up the grayscale values of the picture underneath consistently throughout. That was a bust.

I ended up animating greek patterns with varying weights! I’m quite pleased with the result though I do regret not being able to make the animation smoother. I couldn’t figure out how to get the program to run so that it looks like one continuous line with varying weights being drawn at a constant rate. Instead, it looks like someone is stamping patterns two at a time across the canvas. ….Actually I have another regret. I probably should’ve started simpler to begin with. Trying to make the animation smooth took entirely too long for me to go back to a simpler idea….it’s good practice I suppose.

After one picture is rendered, the canvas is cleared and it runs through a different underlying image.unplugged, error identity crashsmall(this is the second underlying image, the third one is ugly, and I wanted to change it to something else but imgur told me to wait 55 minutes before uploading something else and then I changed my mind).

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.09.09 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.50.28 PM


Yoon & Bo – Project09 – Composition


In this project, we created an object that moves based on the turtle function. Our goal was to create an automatic snake game where the number of tails increase as it gets fed, but we faced multiple problems that we couldn’t figure out and ended up with an object following the closest attractor points and eating them as it passes by.