Project-03-Wallpaper (Albert Yang)

My original idea was to create a design that repeated circles and looked more elegant rather than fun or playful. While playing around with the circles, however, I noticed that the pattern I was working with resembled a bunch of fish looking towards the top left. From there, I changed my design to revolve around the idea of a school of fish to make it more fun and interesting if I were to wear it. I thought the fish were cute enough that I wouldn’t mind wearing it out in public. :)


Ramya Chinta – Project 3

Instead of designing a wallpaper, I chose to program a textile design. I was inspired by the designs I saw on my own leggings. Most of the leggings I own have dramatic geometric designs, something I didn’t realize until I was looking around for design ideas. I was going to change the colors so it would look a little softer but decided that purple, white, black, and red was pretty bold and suited the geometric designs.


Faith Kaufman-Project-03-Wallpaper


I was really inspired by the gradient assignment from the homework. So for the project, I learned how to create a gradient function that I could use as a background. This allows for the colors to actually appear as a gradient instead of being contained within rectangles.

I then created two shapes out of vertexes and also quadratic vertexes, which I found out is another way of creating curves in organic shapes. I wanted the curve to be very subtle, like the pattern which fades away with the gradient and light stroke.

In the end, I adjusted my design to accommodate the grid I had created just as guidelines because I liked how it made it so some of the diamonds were filled in while others weren’t. Therefore, the design had more variety.

I can imagine myself wearing this pattern on an infinity scarf. I like that it feels old-fashioned and feminine.



For my wallpaper project, I began by researching/sketching various patterns. I decided to create a pattern made up of offset concentric circles of different colors. I made use of some of the techniques we learned for our assignments this week, such as a for() loop to create a hexagonal grid and slight variations in color to create a sort of gradient. Having completed these assignments first definitely helped me in figuring out how to execute the patterns involved in my project.


AGondek – Project 03 – Wallpaper

With this project, I wanted to play some more with generative art, so I decided to play around with translating into Circular Gallifreyan (the language of Time Lords in Doctor Who).  I’m currently working on both Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet in the School of Drama, so Shakespeare is very much on my mind. The connections between Hamlet and time and space are very prominent in my current project, so taking that into the Gallifreyan seemed fitting.

From a design standpoint, I wanted to play some more with nesting for() loops and circular patterns. I struggled with rotating each character as it iterated,  so given more time I would love to play with that. I did enjoy playing with layers of transparency, though.




Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 3.48.23 AM

This surprisingly took a good chunk of time. After mapping it out on illustrator, I saw the complexity of overlapping the circles, but the nested loop made it easy for me to do everything. I quickly realised that I needed to use stroke around the arc for it to work, so in the end I couldn’t avoid having a line through the middle of the pattern. I also made sure that it was a seamless pattern, so the fact that there is a line through the middle annoys me plenty.


Project 03 Wallpaper

With this particular project, I knew that I wanted to repeat a common element to create visual stimulation.  I ultimately decided on emphasizing ellipses, as overlaps in lines created really interesting visual crossings that developed into a really cool distorting effect throughout the work.  This was also a great project for stretching my nested loop skills, and was really fun to explore and run wild with!  I really enjoyed manipulating color to develop interesting color movement, and overall this project allowed me to practice and better understand the layers of coding and how they cooperate.



Nitesh Sridhar – Project – 03 – Wallpaper

This project generates a simple geometric wallpaper with subtle different shades of blue triangles to accentuate the pattern. The shades change value and position if you refresh but the image itself is static. It is similar to the simple styles of wallpapers I have seen in real life but mixed with the popular geometric style seen more in phone/laptop wallpapers