Project 02 — Mood Swings with Variables

While I originally intended to use this assignment as an opportunity to experiment with programming an interactive ‘create your own character’ sort of program, I soon realized that dream was slightly too ambitious. Despite our knowledge of manipulating variables through interaction, I continuously found many boundaries in doing so and thus found myself thinking of a new way to manipulate the face through variables. This led me to consider expression and mood as some of the most common day to day facial manipulations we come across. In studying these further I found it increasingly more interesting how even the slightest of facial changes can be a detector of the altering of a person’s mood and thus decided upon creating such scenario through variables.


RogerSectionE Project-02-Variable-Face

For this variable face exercise I have several features of the face change when the mouse is pressed. The head size and color of the facial accent color changes each time the mouse is clicked. Additionally, the eye size and color are randomized. The face is also given a hat that matches the eye color and responds to the size of the head each click. Finally, the face has a mouth that changes height randomly at each click.


Xavier Apostol – Project 02 -Variable Face

Although this wasn’t my first idea/plan for the variable face project, I ended up enjoying the aesthetics of the generated faces a lot. In this project, the variables that change are the size of the character’s facial features (eyes, nose, head, mouth, etc.), the color of the characters head/snout, and the shape of the character’s body. At some point of generation, the character will resemble a skinny bear, while at others the character will resemble a creepy tree.



(I had originally posted this the night of 9/10, but just noticed that my post didn’t fully publish. My apologies.)


I thought it would be interesting to look at a singular emotion being expressed in a very cartoon, unphysical way yet still getting the message across. If I had more time I’d have worked using the bezier tangents and moving along them and rotating them rather than just choosing random points and drawing lines between them (which would have resulted in more visually pleasing motion). I would also have used the perlin noise “landscape” generator for the colour rather than just going through all the hue angles sequentially as it does currently.



I chose to change the eyebrows, mouth shape and head shape. Aside from the head shape, the mouth and eyebrows are the two features I express most with. The piece also seems to have a comedic approach (or at least that is what I was trying to accomplish). I wanted to make the pupils change as if it were looking around the campus but I could not figure that code part out.

In any case, I feel like this is simplistic but it is allowing me to flesh through working with variables. Aside from the features, I did enjoy incorporating text into the piece as a logo on the hat. I hope to get better on these projects and get more elaborate with time.