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Project 01 — Holographic Self

When considering an introduction into this course and the world of creative programming I contemplated many different version of what my sense of a ‘self portrait’ ought to be. Despite making countless sketches and turning around endless ideas I soon realized that in this new medium of programming my creativity was useless if it was too convoluted and soon found myself starting off back at the beginning to create a self portrait that – just as I did – began with the basics.

As far as the process itself went – the ‘drawing’ of the figure through code was fun and simple enough yet the duplication to create the different gradient selves was a tedious amount of copy paste and basic arithmetic that I would prefer to learn how to skip around.





For this project, I wanted to focus on demonstrating some of my signature features, for example my purple hair, my bang, and the pink eye shadow that I wear every day.


I created a “flat design” look for my face project. In the least amount of shapes I wanted to capture what I believe to be my most identifiable features: my bangs and my green eyes.


Adrienne – Project-01-Face


For this project I chose to focus on negative space. I had the Mona Lisa in mind in making the composition and face angle. Drawing out the design beforehand made it easier, however there are also parts that were unplanned. Sketching with the opacity function gave me freedom to mess around directly with the code.


Before I made this, I sketched it out on a sheet of grid paper and measured the x and y coordinates with a ruler.

I used the ‘cn’ variable to convert my measured centimeter units into pixels.

I wanted to create a face in a way that reflected my own personal drawing style and use of color.

(Toni James)

Project 01 – Staff Picks

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite responses to the prompt for Project 01, the self-portrait.


  • Alison’s self-portrait is careful and considered. This is sensitively executed, patient work, made with evident care.
  • Zai’s star constellation is personal, utterly unique, and carefully crafted with exceptional attention to color, shape, and overall composition. Great design.
  • Jen’s playful watch face is an unusual concept, demonstrating highly innovative lateral thinking and a simple yet smart, secret surprise when interacting.


  • Yoon’s traced photograph has rigorous visual design and excellent self-control. We wonder whether he did it ‘by hand’, or wrote an intermediate “helper” script?
  • Marisa’s project has superb colors and exquisitely crafted curves. One of the few projects to use transparency. This is really sharp, splendid work.
  • Ben’s solution, which is constructed exclusively from 10 arcs, exhibits exceptional (one might even say rare) restraint. A disciplined study.
  • Faith learned a lot to make her elegant, careful project. We admire how she taught herself about push(), pop(), and related transformations in order to achieve the rotated ellipses.


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Jitaekim – Project-Face-01

I started this project by simplifying a side view photo of my self. I thought that a front profile of myself didn’t give dimensionality to my face. Even with flat shapes, because of the various shades of skin tone, angled facial features, and the inclusion of my body the shapes gives depth to this portrait. The portrait does include a lot of shapes created with vertexes instead of breaking these shapes into triangles, circles, or squares. While I wanted to show the use of many shapes, I did not want to make the portrait too abstract that it would be hard to identify who it is.