Project 01 — Holographic Self

When considering an introduction into this course and the world of creative programming I contemplated many different version of what my sense of a ‘self portrait’ ought to be. Despite making countless sketches and turning around endless ideas I soon realized that in this new medium of programming my creativity was useless if it was too convoluted and soon found myself starting off back at the beginning to create a self portrait that – just as I did – began with the basics.

As far as the process itself went – the ‘drawing’ of the figure through code was fun and simple enough yet the duplication to create the different gradient selves was a tedious amount of copy paste and basic arithmetic that I would prefer to learn how to skip around.



Jitaekim – Project-Face-01

I started this project by simplifying a side view photo of my self. I thought that a front profile of myself didn’t give dimensionality to my face. Even with flat shapes, because of the various shades of skin tone, angled facial features, and the inclusion of my body the shapes gives depth to this portrait. The portrait does include a lot of shapes created with vertexes instead of breaking these shapes into triangles, circles, or squares. While I wanted to show the use of many shapes, I did not want to make the portrait too abstract that it would be hard to identify who it is.












While creating my project, I had to learn how to use stroke and color to resemble features on the face. The hardest part of the project was trying to accomplish a slight gradient on the blushing cheeks. I had to search for transition colors that blended to the skin. I also tried to depict the hair in an unconventional way to accommodate for the limited information I know about creating irregular shapes.