“Final-Project-Proposal” by Ashley Chen

For my final project, I would like to create a piece of interactive media that takes in online conventions and uses that as a bases to create an aesthetically pleasing visual. I mainly would like to create a game in which a user can react to different scenarios, similar to a point and click game or a collection game. Based on the users inputs and game solving skill, a final diagram is created to display their results in a visually pleasing manner.

Right now, I am at a very early stage of concept, and I still do not have all of the kinks worked out, but I do know I want to go in this direction. I am really interested in information visualization, as well as user interaction. I am also interested in how people interact with each other digitally; the internet has opened up so many new and interesting platforms that allow people to interact. I want to include all of these elements into my final project, if possible.

Here is a rough sketch of a possible game:

Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I am thinking of creating an interactive “game” where the background glitches according to audio input and the buildings disintegrate over time. By sidescrolling, the player tries to repair the buildings or prevent their disintegration, but the landscape will ultimately deform and disintegrate in noisy environments (and maybe re-form in quiet environments). Perhaps, I might also process the audio input to audio output in addition to visual output. Through this project, I will explore the possibilities of glitch computational art, audio processing, as well as the idea of interaction between objects that are user-controlled versus acted on by invisible forces.


Final Project Proposal

I want to create a sort of spambot creature. It will grow when fed user information for different websites, or pieces of data about the user. As it grows it will mature from spitting out useless lines about losing weight and attaching links or whatever to making money on the internet. Maybe it will become a twitter adbot, or spam youtube comments or something similar. I want to play with the evolving tone of internet bots right now, who are now super excited and always happy to share their information with you (where old bots used to provide strange critiques of internet content with their links, now they are happy and affirmative for the most part). So on one half of the page there would be a little organism that acts in this online space, whose ease of access to resources and content I would like to juxtapose with what it means to exist in the real world – I might choose a specific legal framework/ economic limitation, etc… What I want to convey is that these bots are so happy, making space for themselves in their world, affirming everything indiscriminately, where human life has to work through so much for pure subsistence. Not sure about how it will look yet. But I want the botcreature to be an amorphous blob with a framed picture of the user in its little house, I think.

Final Project Proposal

I’ll be working with Ramya Chinta on the final project. After discussing more about the project, we thought we could go more into the realm of creating generative art with maybe the constellations or other aspects of the natural world incorporated. My interpretation of what we’re planning to make is some program that interacts with the users in some way – definitely the mouse but maybe through a series of randomness added to the clicking or key presses – that changes the characteristics of what is currently being created. The program is probably going to draw itself but the user will have some influence and say in the final result. I know this sounds abstract but I was thinking along the lines of a program like photoshop that creates lines with brushes for you but more animation and self-dependent rather than user dependent. What we want to make is something that’s a tool to make beautiful art that follows your suggestions but mostly does it’s own thing.

I was searching through google images and I think it’d be really cool to make something that can create something similar to the pictures I’m going to include but the key is that it can make all or most of them depending on what choices the user decides to make. I hope this is do-able, I feel like it’d end up much harder to create than I’m imagining in my head.


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Project Proposal

For the final proposal, I would like to study some of Shiffman’s work as described in his e-book “Nature of Code”. Of particular interest to me would be his chapter on “Particle Systems”.  I would like to study this particular chapter, and evolve a single boid, or a series of particles which behave as a system.

The first part of the project would involve the implementation of a single particle (or a series of particles bunched together to form one being / boid), and then the second part of the project would be to work out how they behave as a system.  Please refer to the (napkin?) sketch for a couple of my ideas of a single boid.20151124_122022

The boids are to respond to the mouse’s movement.  They are also to react to the edges of the canvas as well as to each other.  They should have a velocity, acceleration, oscillation and I propose to simulate inertia in this project as well.

However, having conveyed the project outline, it should also be noted that sometimes ideas evolve with the development of the design.  Perhaps a single boid having a very complex set of behaviours, would signal the end of the project.

Final Project Proposal – NF

For my final project, I would like to create something that allows for visualization of complex information, whether it be research data or something else, such as sound.

I was initially inspired by projects such as those by Nicholas Feltron and Aaron Koblin, who use easily understandable visuals to represent large amounts of data such as weather patterns, or flight paths around the world.

For my first idea, I wanted to do something similar to these projects in representing data on a global scale. I was thinking of representing something such as water resources and quality across countries. I would plan to show an initial map (similar to shown below) and then present further information as the viewer scrolls or clicks through different areas.

However, I was also really interested in one of Koblin’s specific projects which compiles users’ “random” sounds to create a song. I am fascinated with the visualization of sounds/music, similar to patatap, and would like to incorporate that aspect into my project as well.

In thinking of this as a project direction, I wanted to make use of what we learned with particles, and create something similar to patatap in that each feature represents a different sound, however the music would be created in their interaction with each other. Therefore, the elements would remain on the screen (in some cases) and make different sounds as they bounce into or spring away from each other, as well as enter and leave the canvas bounds. Hopefully, the viewer would control which elements are added and each would create new sounds, thus building the music over time (as well as interaction between visual elements).

This seems as it would be its own project in the visualization of sound through image/animation. Thus, I will have to choose between this idea or representation of more statistical data, such as the water resources for my final project.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.14.03 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.26.07 PM

kramser – Final Project Proposal

For my final project I want to write a program that generates audio/video mashups by using audio analysis to automate video cuts. The program could uses changes in volume, levels, and/or waveform to trigger forward/backwards playback, frame jumps, and loop points. I’d like for the program to be able to accept either live audio input or a pre-recorded track. If possible, I’d also like to give the user the ability to adjust the sensitivity of these functions using keypresses. Finally, it would be great to have some kind of visual readout of where the playhead is in the video.

I’ve done a lot of live video mixing, but never using my own custom software, so I think that this would be a good opportunity for me to begin to develop something that I could use to automate my mixing in a way I haven’t been able to achieve using VJ software. I’m not sure if all of the functionality I’ve outlined is too ambitious for the time allotted, so I’d like to meet with a TA after the break to figure out what’s feasible and where to begin.

Here’s a video still with the bar at the bottom indicating the position of the playhead in the video.


Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I’m planning on using lidar to scan spaces and people, the data from which I’ll use to create interactive software implementables. I plan to use OpenFrameworks (with the permission of Golan Levin) to develop these applications. I’ve already begun the process of exploring the lidar and will continue to iterate on these concepts to discover new creative applications for this technology. One of the areas which I am keen to focus on is the relationship between the observer and the observed and how this is manifest in the capture itself.

You can find my process up until this point documented here and here. Also, here are a few photos for reference:




Sharon Yu – Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I want to create something similar to Patatap in that it will be a piece where every key generates a different body part, and the body parts will pile on top of each other depending on the order the keys are pressed in. It will create “creatures” that can be erased to create more creatures. I feel like it will be interesting to see what people can create with their names, and the randomized nature of it will make sure that creatures created from this will all be very interesting.


zislamha RogerSectionB, Final-Project-Proposal

For my project, I want to improve on an assignment from a few weeks ago (the rolling backgrounds one, where I did a sad apple-catching game). I would like to redeem myself from that project(as well as from several others). I am interested in art and design making an impact, and am thinking of a short mini-game series to do so. I would ideally create 3 short mini games (or simply 1 or 2 depending on time and difficulty— seriously underestimating time), where I would have a game like capture the water for the village, or what to and what not to recycle as it falls from the sky and you have to catch the right items, a gardening game to show the process, and maybe even a lightbulb game/turn off the lights. Whatever they be, I want games that will show the difference/impact the user is making with each game/click to the side, and hope this encourages people to be more conscious of their actions and consumption. There may be elements such as moving backgrounds, sound, a camera game, who knows!— still very open, i just want a clean, fun, making-an-impact game.