Kasem Kydd Final Project

For my Final Project I created a twitter bot that I’ve been working on for some time to build up a library of tweets and also add some functionality for it to interact with other uses on twitter.
The bot is called Black Excellence Bot, but it’s twitter handle is @BlackLoveBot. I wanted to create something that was a bot but actually contributed to something online in a meaningful matter that was relevant to my interests. I consider myself to be an artist that works with political and social issues especially pertaining to race and different intersectionalities. I wanted to make a bot that created a loving atmosphere for people of color, specifically black people, because I think the online sphere sometimes creates an environment where people feel that they can be free to exhibit the most racist and disgusting intentions in an attempt to “troll” others or truly display their real mindset. I wanted to bring something I work on in my work, black liberation, celebration, and my tendency to actively address destructive systems that continue to oppress our people. The bot tweets different figures that I associate with black excellence along with the hashtag #blackexcellence. It also tweets different ideas and moments in history that are relevant to my idea of black excellence. The bot has been functioning sort of for some time but I have continuously been trying to curate the library and add more functionality such as responding to followers, and replying to @ mentions. This is my first time using twitter so it was a little bit of a strange process for me but I honestly think I learned a lot from this small project.
You can view the bot here




Looking Outwards 11

For my looking outwards I looked at some twitter bot creators in order to gain inspiration for my final project. I looked at the bots Reverse OCR and Museum Bot. These bots seemed interesting to me because they both utilized images and also found a way to engage the general audience of twitter, although Reverse OCR is more akin to that sort of functionality. I think that bots offer a very interesting perspective on how to use social media and they rear the heads in many different platforms. Ranging from Tinder to Facebook and Instagram. Reverse OCR draws random lines until there is some sort of word created and Museum Bot features random images from the Metropolitan Museum of Arts online Free Archive. Since I want to create a bot I will be looking at some of these examples and under to help me better how understand how to make my own.

Final project Proposal

For my final Project I wanted to work with social media and the tools of technology in order to pursue some of my own interests in my own practice. I feel that I haven’t been able to pursue these interests so far with this technology due to the lack of skill level I have and the distance between my own ideas and the resources I have with the technological skills I have been learning. For my final I want to create a twitter bot that searches tweets for the phrase “black and…” and retweets these tweets to my own account and also tweets to the original tweeter a set of randomized images I have collected, ranging from Grace Jones to Willow Smith for example… Or if that is not possible or if I change my idea, some sort of general response to the tweet like an emoji or just some way to acknowledge the user for their unknown participation in my project and also that I will be using their tweets. For example, a user tweets, “black and proud” the bot retweets the tweet to my own account and tweets at them a heart emoji. I want to end up using the tweets I collect in the format of a book that I print. I’ve been very interested in the idea of making my own book. And I think this is an interesting format to start from. I have no collaborators but the general users of twitter.

Looking Outwards – 8

For my looking outwards I looked at the Looking Outwards of David Frank Looking Outwards 4, Sound. In their looking outwards they looked at the work of Dylan J Marcus an artist and composer. The work seems very compelling due to the fact that Dylan created a device called a Resonance Reader that converts black and white images and forms into sound. I agree with the assessment of David Frank in this case in most of their comments on the work. However I think that a little more could be elaborated on in the work itself.

David Frank Post

link to an article

Resonance Reader by Dylan Marcus from Martin Summer Loper on Vimeo.


For this project I went with the samples we were given for simplicity. Currently in my life I’m feeling a lot of frustration with my past and my current state where I’m constantly under the weather, sick, depressed etc.
Don’t dig up the past.

Project-08 -kasem

Project 07 Kasem Kydd

For this project I wanted to play with values and minimal colors to create textures that seemed to give a vibrancy to the screen and add depth to the image. I liked the idea of using the code as an automated drawing tool for maybe something I would want to make later on physically. Sort of as a model for a sculpture. For me I think using code as a visualization of an idea is a pretty interesting way to approach making a physical, social, object.


Looking Outwards -05 Data Visualization

For this project I decided to look at the works of Pitch Interactive, in particular the project A World of Change for the client Google Trends. I thought this project was interesting because of it’s content mainly. As an individual who is interested in climate change and global warming and the environment etc, issues like these are on the forefront of my mind even though they are not present in my works. This project used data visualization in a pretty boring way however and not much was done with the data aside from plot it into a graph. This is one of my biggest issues with data visualization aside from the fact that I don’t really have much interest in what that is as a medium. I would’ve loved to see a data visualization piece that took this data from really pressing physical issues that are impacting our world today and translated that data back into the physical in a way that was actually compelling. The data visualization could have been a part of this piece but I believe that there were many different ways to approach the idea. However, the content is still interesting so maybe it’s not so bad. There was more to the project aside from the graph however, and an interactive user interface does add for more possibilities for people to learn more about the impact of global warming and perhaps consider their own role in the issue.

A World of Change

Example 1

Example 2

The Dread Graph

Project-05-Kasem Kydd

I wanted to explore density in objects something I am very interested in physical objects. So it was natural for me to try and interact with this idea in a digital form. I’ve never thought of computer generated images such as the one I have created as being physically dense ( as in more than just weight) but this particular shape sort of draws that potential out for me. The way this shape interacts with the plane and the mouse and the viewer creates an interesting dialogue between user and computer, as the more you try to increase the density of the object the more your computer fails to respond as quickly as it normally would. For me the most interesting parts of the code come from when the mouse is nearest to the top part of the screen.

Sorry for the lack of comments life is catching up to me.

Project-05 Kasem

Project 04 Kasem Kydd

I wish I had more time to refine this project. I will probably go back after the due date and continue to revise it until I end up with the end result I desire. What I wanted to do was create a clock of circles that scaled up in size based on the time of day and also a background that changed color gradient depending on the time of day (dark for night, brighter for day). It’s a fairly simple concept but I do enjoy the idea of a minimalist clock. I also have a group of circles for the day.

Project-04-Kasem Kydd