“Final-Project” by Ashley Chen

For my project, I wanted to create a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing landscape, while still making it interactive. I made an under water window that displays subtle waves. There are also a series of buttons on the bottom of the screen that the user can click. Each button does something different. There are also other hidden things users can do if they click around the screen.

When I began this project, I wasn’t really sure what to do; there were so many possibilities, I was overwhelmed and made a broad proposal so I wouldn’t be restricted in what I made. I settled on this project because it was, at its core, an art project, which is what I enjoy creating the most. I also added user interaction to give my project another level of depth.


“Final-Project-Proposal” by Ashley Chen

For my final project, I would like to create a piece of interactive media that takes in online conventions and uses that as a bases to create an aesthetically pleasing visual. I mainly would like to create a game in which a user can react to different scenarios, similar to a point and click game or a collection game. Based on the users inputs and game solving skill, a final diagram is created to display their results in a visually pleasing manner.

Right now, I am at a very early stage of concept, and I still do not have all of the kinks worked out, but I do know I want to go in this direction. I am really interested in information visualization, as well as user interaction. I am also interested in how people interact with each other digitally; the internet has opened up so many new and interesting platforms that allow people to interact. I want to include all of these elements into my final project, if possible.

Here is a rough sketch of a possible game:

“Looking-Outwards-11” by Ashley Chen

For my project, I wanted to do something based on social media and responding to how people interact on the internet. That combined with an interesting interactive component as well as aesthetically pleasing representation is what my final project proposal is about. In thinking about this project, I’ve come across a lot of interesting projects that has inspired the beginnings of this project.

I like Nicolas Felton and Moritz Stefaner’s style of representation; I also like the iterative game component of the game Dig n’ Rig, but the two projects I want to focus on are The Museum of Feelings Exhibit, and Spam Architecture, Alex Dragulescu. Both projects portray a significant part of online, digital life in a creative and interesting way.

The Museum of Feelings is an exhibit that changes and reacts to the emotions of the people who visit it. The emotions are determined by people taking selfies and overlaying color using a ‘MoodLens’. The museum then takes in all of these emotions and displays them back, to be seen by people visiting.

Spam Architecture is a series of computer generated piece of architecture that takes in junk mail to fuel the creation of each building. Various keywords were identified and translated into a beautiful, interesting piece of architecture.

“Looking-Outward-10” by Ashley Chen

Filipa Valente is an architect that focuses on user experience. One of her recent projects, Filtered Transparencies, focuses on the relationship between the user and light. Valente uses layered light, sound, and space to create a unique, immersive experience. The projected light and imagery creates a maze and “blurs the physical spacial boundaries”. This installation compels users to interact with space, and transverse into the architectural void.

One of the most interesting elements about this project is that it gives off the sense of space without using physical objects. Instead, the project relies on light instead to define a space. Valente uses the users senses to create intangible boundaries.

“Looking-Outwards-08” by Ashley Chen

This is a response to Kelly Li’s Looking Outward 04. The project Kelly chose was Electrosmog, by Jean-Pierre Aube. Electrosmog is a project that takes recorded sound and turns it into a visual experience. Kelly describes the project quite nicely, so I won’t go into much detail about it, however, I will add to her comment. Like Kelly, I’m interested in how Aube turns the white noise into a visual projection. Furthermore, I wonder how Aube takes in data; where does he choose to collect the sound? How would this project differ in various locations in the city? Overall, this project is very captivating and I’m interesting on how it can evolve and grow in the future.

“Looking-Outwards-07” by Ashley Chen

Dear Data is a project created by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec that aims to display collected data through a visual medium. Lupi and Posavec met through Eyeo a few years ago, and after their initial meeting, they realized their mutual love for data collection and representation; they decided to start a project together called Dear Data. Each week, they decided on a topic to collect data on. Then, at the end of the week, they individually come up with a visually stimulating way to represent their collected data on a post card. Finally, they mail their post card to the other.

Though data collection and representation itself is interesting, what further pushes this project is the data they choose to collect. Some weeks, it may be an arbitrary topic, like how many times they check the time, other week the topics are more personal, and when Lupi and Posavec look back on the postcards they sent, they remember the time and love they spent creating it. This project represents so much more than data, it represents moments, and feelings.