Final Project – AGondek & HLevesqu – Maze Master

For our final project, we decided to transform the ideas of Inception into three different mazes of increasing difficulty. However, we wanted our experience to be more about the stress of finishing a task rather than the solving of the mazes.

Initially we had hoped to have the player control the maze rather than the ball; but due to the physics of what that would entail, we decided controlling the ball would be a cleaner application. We also were inspired aesthetically by some retro games, such as Pac-Man, to give the game a familiar feeling. This allows the experience to rely on the stress, rather than aesthetics also. We’ve also implemented “In The Hall of the Mountain King”, which gets increasingly frantic as the song progresses.

The game unsolvable, and meant to be so. We nip this in the bud with the addition of our “Game Over” screen with a Rick Roll once the timer runs out.

The two of us worked simultaneously to ensure an even splitting of the process for this project. We’ve utilized a simple server for this project, so we’ve posted our code along with a screen-capture video of the gameplay.



AGondek – Looking Outwards – Final Project

The first project I’m looking into is Beacon, created by Chris O’Shea in 2009.

What I love about this project is the connection between the medium ( the emergency lights) and the tracking movement. I’m reminded of security systems, and the idea of sneaking through an alarmed space. I think there is some great opportunity here for many variations, using color, sound, and light quality to change the mood. I think It could be fun to play with certain squares or distances to certain lights triggering some kind of alarm or reaction.

The second project I’m looking at is Sniff, created by Karolina Sobecka.

Again, I love how this project takes a simple action – walking by a storefront window – and turns it into a special interactive experience. The potential for a great variety and depth of the interaction is exciting. I would love to see even more interactivity – maybe a ball or bone that appears when you beckon or mime throwing.

Both projects depend on a person’s interacting with the space, and I would love to implement even more of that into my work. I always have felt strongly about having people interact with the worlds and things I create, so I love finding more and new ways to do that!

AGondek – Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I’m interested in creating a game. My first inclination was an interactive labyrinth, drawing inspiration from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.

Oddly enough, Hannah Levesque approached me about teaming up to create a labyrinth game as well, her inspiration coming from Inception. So we’ll be collaborating on this together!

The player will have a limited amount of time to solve the maze, ideally with some obstacles and help along the way. I sincerely hope we can achieve a first person camera view, controlled by the WASD keys for movement. Our other thought was to create a birds-eye view, and then having the player control the environment for movement.

Either way, I believe this will be a good challenge for both me and Hannah. As theatre designers, I hope we can create a strong aesthetic along with a smooth and interesting interface.

AGondek – Looking Outwards – E-TRACES

This week I stumbled upon Lesia Trubat, a young designer who has merged her two passions – technology and dance. She has created pointe shoes that respond to a dancer’s movements and pressure to create visualizations of their movements.

E-TRACES, memories of dance from Lesia Trubat on Vimeo.

As a theatrical artist, I always am interested in seeing new ways to merge the tangible art with technology. The possibilities with this idea are exciting – depending on the dancer, the music, or even the style, any kind of mark making is possible. I would love to see how this would respond with other styles of dance.

This project is especially interesting to me as Trubat is a young artist much like myself. She is from Spain, and has studied and worked in product and graphic design. Her website states: “She is interested in projects that involve both graphic and product design where the development can be technological or artisanal, but always with an emotional sense, considering the feeling as the basis for success.” I can certainly connect with seeing the importance in an emotional driving force behind the work.

E-Traces was created in 2014.

AGondek – Project 10 – Creature

With cold weather fast approaching, I decided to create a penguin on an iceberg.

The penguin wants a fish, so pressing “F” will render a fish at the mouse, which he will move towards. Once he catches it, he and his friends on the iceberg further away jump in joy. Also, pressing the mouse generates snow and the sky gets darker at night, lighter in the morning.



AGondek – Project 09 – Freestyle Turtle Play

In thinking about Turtles, I was reminded of all the Turtle Crossing signs I’ve seen while down at the beach in the summer. So, I decided to use turtles to show a section of wildlife that can be found at the beach.

Agondek-Screen1      Agondek-Screen2

The three turtles increase in size over time as they grow up. They attempt to follow the mouse, with some repulsion from each other. The crab scuttles across, avoiding the mouse. When the mouse is pressed, a french fry appears on the beach, and the seagull flies over to eat it.


AGondek – Looking Outwards 08

While looking through Kevin Ramser’s posts, I stumbled upon one regarding the work of Robert Henke. His installations marry light, sound, and algorithms, achieving experiences likened to synesthesia. The first work Keving posted, “Fragile Territories” definitely caught my interest first:

I think Henke’s work speaks a lot to the human mind…or at least mine. The movement of the laser beams and the hum makes me think of synapses firing, the busy-ness of thoughts and memories, and our connection to the world and each other. I agree that at times the project has a cold, bleak sense, but I also get a sense of calm from the installation. I would love to see an iteration of this using a tracking technology, responding to a body in a space, or also to see how other sound could affect the beams of light. But I definitely agree with Kevin’s point that the sound gives the light experiments a certain life.

I dug a little more into Robert Henke’s work, and found another project of interest – “ATOM”

ATOM’s soundtrack is much more aggressive and mechanical; nicely juxtaposed by the white, LED lit balloons that move along with the sound. In this project, the sound certainly takes the forefront, with the light affects, as well as the changing heights of the balloons, bringing the feeling of the music to a deeper, bodily place.

AGondek – Project 08 – Computational Portrait

For this week’s project, what with St. Crispin’s Day being on October 25th, I decided to use a picture of a friend from a production of Henry V a few years back.

For my initial pixel, I wanted to use something relevant to Henry, so I created the fleur-de-lis used on his coat of arms:

The pixel shape also tracks with the mouse, and lines from Shakespeare’s Henry V appear when the mouse is pressed.

HenryV screenshots


AGondek – Looking Outwards 04

I remembered having seen this Pyro Board; so I was excited to see it sparking others, specifically the Sound Torch.

As a lover of music, I’ve always been intrigued by the connections between sound and other elements and senses. I especially find Synesthesia particularly interesting, but have also been interested in visualizers and the creation of music videos.  So, tying flames in with Dubstep, as in the original Pyro Board, feels like a really successful combination.

Since music/sound is vibrations in the air, and air affects fire, its clear how the science works.  The new portable speakers will “bring pyrotechnics to the masses”, which does sound like a fun, cool added effect, especially for concerts and the like.

AGondek – Project 4 – Abstract Clock

I really wish I’d had more time to put into this one this week. I was inspired by plants growing and changing over time. I thought ivy climbing the lattice for the seconds would be a good visual, and then the other plants growing and changing would help show minutes and hour. However, this seemed to be a little ambitious given my schedule this week; while the clock does work, I would love to go in and refine it.