looking outwards 07 – Jake Barton

Jake Barton’s self description as a storyteller memory-engineer is incredibly inspiring for me as I intend to live forever through my work and its impact on the world.
His (& Local Projects, his NY based studio) focus on their self-created/self-creating apparatus for creating things which create almost anything — i.e. the process of working — is very informed and thoughtful, and I find this sort of self-reflection upon the process of storytelling and the process of the process of self-reflection to be inspiring in its depth and impact on their work.

In terms of his work, I highly admire their work applying quantified self principes to museum visitors, building up emotive maps of the space and using this knowledge to inform the exhibits contained within, I firmly believe these sorts of insights into the self and its interaction with the world will be the basis of the next paradigm shift in the way our self/our world exists.

website : http://localprojects.net/type/collaborative-storytelling/


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