Looking Outwards 3


1194D from Raven Kwok on Vimeo.

(website) Raven Kwok’s “Algorithmic Creature” series (2013) is based on 3D subdivisions of triangles. She begins to create creates out of the algorithm by giving the triangles organic flow and lifelike movement. The triangles shift, grow and mutate. The entire work was created in Processing and the presentation was created with both Processing and Premiere Cut Pro.

I am in admiration of the fact that Kwok was able to create such a complex and beautiful piece of moving artwork with a single program. The algorithms that were used to create this work must have been very precise and careful in order to create such smooth flow. Kwok’s artistic ability is manifested in the uncanny motion and shocking splashes of color exhibited in the animation.

The animation itself was largely unplanned and very gestural and true to the program it was created with.

  • (Toni James)