LookingOutwards-08 (Albert Yang)

I was interested in the project that Faith talked about in her Looking Outwards 4, where she discussed a reactive surface called .fluid that could turn itself from a two-dimensional surface to a three-dimensional object. It’s a very conceptual project, but the possibilities that it suggests make it fascinating to read about and watch. I agree with Faith in that the project could have been conceived from the idea that electronic communication just does not give the same human feeling than if it was in-person communication, but it also applies to other non-electronic objects. In the article discussing .fluid, the possibility of a sofa giving you a three-dimensional response is mentioned, suggesting that this concept of a shape-shifting fluid could bring so many more things to life than just electronics. It could be interesting to think of ways our lives would improve if the non-electronic objects that we take for granted had responses that act as signals for us to behave. I’m sure there could be a way to prevent it from being a messy liquid, but it’s probably too early to tell what the findings of the project will lead to.

.fluid – A reactive surface from Hannes Kalk on Vimeo.