Looking Outwards 07: Chris Sugrue

Chris Sugrue is an artist, programmer, and designer who does interactive installations, audiovisual performance, and algorithmic animations. Her works focus on getting a digital work to invade our space or break away from the rectangular confines of a screen. Her project, Delicate Boundaries (2007) investigates the imaginative worlds inside our digital devices. She makes small bugs made out of light projections that come off a screen onto the bodies who make contact with them. They crawl up the participants hand and arm and eventually drop to the floor.


This intimate experience causes the participant to become lost within the work. For the most part digital technology takes place only with the eyes consuming the screen, and I think it is admirable that she uses this experience to integrate an intimate virtual experience with one’s own body.

In her presentation she uses individual projects as stepping stones to explain the progress of her works. Using this technique makes it easy to understand her thinking patterns in why and how her investigations took place. For example, she focuses a lot on hands to create intimate experiences, and one can see how she moved from Delicate Boundaries to the negative hand space projections, to Augmented Hand series, and so on.

Link to website here