Looking Outwards 05: Aligning Humans and Mammals


Ben Fry – Aligning Humans and Mammals

This data visualization compares parts of the human genome with other mammals. All the data is from the Mammalian Genome Project at the Broad Institute. The top white line represents human DNA and the additional rows show DNA from other mammals. The rows are roughly in the sequential evolutionary distance, so the first row after human is chimp, then rhesus monkey, elephant dog, armadillo, guinea pig, then cow etc. The colored letters are the base pairs that are different from human DNA (T and A in red, G and G in blue.)

I admire the simplicity and starkness of this visualization that boils down our existence to the core truth in our DNA. It is interesting to note the visually different patterns throughout the sequential evolutionary distances, and proves how similar we are to other mammals.

Link here