Looking Outwards 03: Mushtari

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Wanderers – Living Mushtari

This project uses synthetic biology as a wearable microbial factory to convert sunlight into useful products via the wearable. The symbiotic relationship between a photosynthetic microbe (microalgae/cyanobacteria) and a consuming. compatible microbe (yeast/E.Coli) converts sunlight to sucrose, then sucrose to useful materials such as pigments, drugs, food, fuel etc.

The algorithm used through this process to create the wearable is taken from the growth pattern of bacteria. This creates recursive forms from the many iterations of the algorithm, which produces the pattern of the wearable.

The relationship between the most primitive and sophisticated life forms is a novel display of how biological functionality can be harvested to create useful products. This is an interesting idea to have microorganisms used as wearables, as most clothing is made from synthetic materials.

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