Hello p5

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P5.js is a javascript library (and a community) that aims to make coding accessible for artists, designers, educators, and beginners.

1) Watch the intro video

2) Download helloP5 an example file which includes the p5 library and all the add ons. Duplicate it when you start a new project.

3) Download the code editor Brakets.io. Copy it on your desktop and open the helloP5 folder you just downloaded.

Organizing your projects

You are going to make a lot of assignments and exercises. It’s crucial that you learn where your files are and how to organize them. This is what I recommend:

1) make a folder for this class

2) backup the folder on a USB stick or external hard drive, andrew space or cloud storage every time

3) make a folder for each p5 project by duplicating the example project and renaming it. Don’t use spaces or strange symbols for filenames


No let’s take a look at a project structure.

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