Indy 1000 Final – Version 1.01


Indy 1000


– Player 1 controls: Up, Left, Right

– Player 2 controls: W, A, D

– Zoom out if the screen is too big.


Update 1.01:

– Changed keys that used “Backspace” and “Enter”.

– Added a slight delay between pressing “back” in the menu (otherwise would spam “back” until you’re at title screen).

– Improved performance by a small amount on some maps (reduced collision checks w/ blocks).

– Completed “Color Scheme” feature.

– Changed the look of spikes to be a bit more ATARI-like.

– Removed player on player collisions (too many exploits possible).

– Added sound effects (missing car engine sound, could not figure out how to vary pitch).

– Added race mode (used checkpoint method, going backwards halfway still enables cheating, brain capacity too low to handle the subtract score method).

– Reduced win condition in race mode of 20 laps to 5 laps due to excessive lag.

Indy 1000


Indy 500 Remix

How To Play:

– The game is two player no matter what, for now.

– The only way to restart is to refresh, for now.

– Up/Left/Down for Player 1, W/A/D for Player 2.

– Collect a blinking square for 1 point. Hit a spike to lose a point.

– You have 60 seconds. The player with the highest score wins; play for the highest score solo.

– Your car grows proportionately to how high your score is.