Indy 1000 Final – Version 1.01


Indy 1000


– Player 1 controls: Up, Left, Right

– Player 2 controls: W, A, D

– Zoom out if the screen is too big.


Update 1.01:

– Changed keys that used “Backspace” and “Enter”.

– Added a slight delay between pressing “back” in the menu (otherwise would spam “back” until you’re at title screen).

– Improved performance by a small amount on some maps (reduced collision checks w/ blocks).

– Completed “Color Scheme” feature.

– Changed the look of spikes to be a bit more ATARI-like.

– Removed player on player collisions (too many exploits possible).

– Added sound effects (missing car engine sound, could not figure out how to vary pitch).

– Added race mode (used checkpoint method, going backwards halfway still enables cheating, brain capacity too low to handle the subtract score method).

– Reduced win condition in race mode of 20 laps to 5 laps due to excessive lag.

Indy 1000


Indy 500 Remix

How To Play:

– The game is two player no matter what, for now.

– The only way to restart is to refresh, for now.

– Up/Left/Down for Player 1, W/A/D for Player 2.

– Collect a blinking square for 1 point. Hit a spike to lose a point.

– You have 60 seconds. The player with the highest score wins; play for the highest score solo.

– Your car grows proportionately to how high your score is.


Instructional Drawings – ndesmorn



0. horizontal/vertical lines only, do not intersect lines.

1. start with a horizontal or vertical line (any length)

2. From an end of any line, draw an extension line perpendicular to it (any length). Do this 5 times.

3. Then take any line segment, and draw an extension line perpendicular to it (any length) from the MIDDLE of that line segment. You are not allowed to choose one that has  already been used.

4. From any hanging line segments (there should be three) draw a dot on the end. You cannot extend a line anymore if it is dotted.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for some number of times (ex. 15). Dot the remaining hanging line segments.