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twitter api overview:


where to generate your access tokens (will need a mobile phone number):


free phone number from google voice:


tutorials in python:
How to create a basic Twitterbot in Python


api wrappers in python:


tutorials in javascript (node.js):
Creating a basic Twitter bot in Node.js (using node-twitterbot)


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twitterbot (and other generative text) resources

Next class (Wednesday 9/16), we’ll be covering generative grammars, using a javascript library called Tracery. We’ll work on things together, but if anyone wants to look at resources ahead of time, they are available online (linked below). We’ll be integrating our grammars with Cheap Bots Done Quick, a twitterbot hosting service that uses Tracery. Everyone should be able to get a simple twitterbot running in class. Please take a look through other bots for inspiration, or just to get a good sense of what is possible.


Kate Compton’s Tracery


Github (full documention);

Visual editor;


George Buckenham’s Cheap Bots Done Quick


some twitterbots made with cheap bots done quick-
If you’re interested in this type of work, I’ve attached a zip file of some longer-form generated literature below- feel free to download and read through a few. The Policeman’s Beard is Half Constructed is particularly interesting, as it is very early (1984!). There are also several works from the annual NaNoGenMo (the generative answer to NaNoWriMo, where one writes a 50k word novel in November), and some chapbooks (including my own).

Zip file-  generated text (& friends)

Twine Example

Hello! Hope everyone’s work with their twine projects is going well. I made an example game with a few additional options that people were asking about in class on Wednesday.

This includes-

-Custom CSS for individual passages


-Audio playback across the whole story

-Additional scripts like timed passages


To use all of these features (except for custom CSS for tagged passages), you will need to use a story format that does not come installed with Twine 2. It is included in the ZIP file I’ve attached below- the file is called ‘format.js’. Installing it is pretty easy! On the home page of twine, you’ll click the menu item called ‘formats’ in the right-hand sidebar.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.06.05 AM

Open it, and click ‘Add new format’

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.07.00 AM

Now, you’ll need to paste where the file is on your computer. If you are on a Mac (or Linux), the path will look something like this-

file:///Users/you/desktop/twine example/format.js

If you are on windows, it will look more like this-

file:///C:/Users/you/documents/twine example/format.js

But remember each path is specific to where it is on your machine! You can usually look at a file’s info to get its path. (If you have trouble with this, feel free to get in touch with me via email).

On Mac you can see the path of your file by right clicking and selecting get info (don't forget to add file:// at the beginning and format.js ad the end)
On Mac you can see the path of your file by right clicking and selecting get info (don’t forget to add file:// at the beginning and format.js ad the end). Twine may get stuck in loading state forever, but it should install the format correctly

That’s it! Now that your new story format is installed, it is available in a list of options when you change your story format. You’ll want to pick Sugarcube 2.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.15.40 AM

You can now use advanced macros, music, and other neat things built into this story format. Full documentation is available here – or you can just download my example and play around with some options.

So go ahead-

Download a zip file containing a twine example using sugarcube and additional macros

And feel free to email me with any questions over the weekend- katierosepipkin @ gmail

twine resources!

get twine;

games to play;
queers in love at the end of the world – anna antropy –
the uncle who works at nintendo (tw) – michael lutz –
with those we love alive – porpentine, brenda neotenomie –
daymare #1: ritual – kitty horrorshow –
horse master – tom mchenry –
you will select a decision – brendan patrick hennessy –
a kiss – dan waber –
ghost highland way – harry giles –
scarfmemory – michael brough –
lights out please – many (compilation) –
even cowgirls bleed – christine love –
hunting unicorn – chandler groover –

compilation sites; (not just twine)

free hosting for your twine game;

sources, additional reading, and good places to start on your own;