Directions Drawing

Computational Drawings

Directions for the drawing:

  1. Think of three random numbers (call them x, y, z)
  2. Randomly Draw x squares, y triangles, and z circles
  3. Connect the squares to triangles, triangles to circles, and circles to squares

Cipher Encryption and Decryption bot

Automatic twitter bot that can encode and decode a given message:

Make sure to keep the format:

@Jaysunmah encode/decode (type one)

(number) (your input here)


an example:

@Jaysunmah encode

5 This is encrypted


The bot can only send one tweet every 10 seconds, so if more than one tweet is sent to it the bot will only reply to the latest tweet. Expect ~30-40 seconds of delay before you receive a reply. Also if you’re using a relatively new account Twitter has some spam safeguards that prevent my bot from recognizing their tweets, so yeah : /


Here’s some of the replies: