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One thought on “MANLY SPRITES”

  1. Steps for making flappy bird-esque game:

    1 create sprite with gravity so that it naturally accelerates to bottom of canvas.

    2 make key command for sprite that temporarily subtracts from the value of the force of gravity (flaps). Possibly also have it so that holding down the key steadily subtracts from force of gravity, making sprite “fall up.” Have sprite stay in position in middle of canvas until the first key press.

    3 create obstacle sprite group. these sprites will be randomly generated, but with parameters of what dimensions they can be, and how much space there has to be between them. Have them spawn from right edge of screen, move to left edge of screen, and get deleted when they move off canvas. Have them only begin generating at first key press.

    4 create collisions between movable sprite, and obstacle sprites. tweak hit boxes to make sense for the shapes.

    5 create function to reset the game when collision happens. apply same function for when player sprite moves over top of canvas, or under bottom of canvas. function should also briefly display text saying extremely demotivating things like “you failed, just like you fail at everything.” or “you died, but no one will care. just like in real life.”

    6 make nice looking sprite drawings and an animation for when player sprite flaps. (possibly also when player sprite collides.)

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