Fuck Yeah, Space!

Space travel is fun! Embark a journey across the unknown universe and meet some interesting characters along the way~

Side note: I originally was going to make an epic story about an astronaut that gets lost on the way to Mars but it turns out that Hollywood has ‘borrowed’ my idea and is going to make a move about it


  1. aeedward

    I really like how you took advantage of the versatile stylesheet from the first twine to incorporate so many images and videos. It really made the story to have all the imagery present to emphasize the awe or humor of the different endings.

  2. garamk

    HAHAHAHA. Frank’s death. I really like the theme and how you connected each choice. There was a good balance between information and humor as well as image and text.

  3. gsunder

    Not to be redundant, but I really liked the visuals in the game and how snark the narrator was. I think the fact that you die no matter what would be a lot less exciting if it weren’t for the fact that you are linked to an article about the nature of your death, which was personally my favorite part

  4. bescott

    Linking to a wiki about Zeus is a bit cheeky. Clearly, this contrasts with the complete lack of cheekiness in the rest of- wait nevermind.
    The gratuitous profanity and terse/dry wit is my favorite part, even though after playing through these, it seems like a really common theme.

    Is having this level of multimedia in a text-based anything a bad thing? asking for a friend

    • Taisha Vargas

      I tried by best to keep the amount of text on each page tas small as possible. I can speak for myself and to the people I spoke to when discussing this project is that anything read on a computer screen, especially on the internet, is meant for brevity and ‘straightforwardness’ (think: theSkimm, social media like twitter). Information online tries its best to get the point across with as little many text characters as possible. I tried to do this to keep the audience engaged.

      As for the linking of the videos and pages, I did this to not only make fun of the whole culture behind pop-sci (As Paolo mentioned above), but I took the definition of ‘hypertext’ in the literal sense and I figured it would be nice to click at something else outside the story.

  5. Chris

    You should make the video links within the piece (like the one on the black hole death page) open in a new tab so you can more easily continue the game if you die.