1. jasonm2

    I really liked the several changes in point of view throughout the story. However sometimes the links to various pages were confusing, and I couldn’t really “decide” my own fate since I didn’t know exactly what I was clicking.

  2. gsunder

    I liked that the twine link function helped with the omniscient narration…Going between characters and not always being sure who it was you were looking into made the story engaging to play. I think it was also interesting because the one person (I dont think?) we got to look into was the person who’s decision was most confusing–the person who drops the knife

  3. bescott

    navigation was a bit difficult, as the link words didn’t really tell me that much about where they’d take me, so that made it a bit hard to follow.


    “The crowd murmers in confusion.”

    Witty, funny, and the whole thing is written in the same clever tone.
    a bit wordy, but hey, that’s allowed.

  4. Chris

    I find the oscilation between the characters, both the objects and the humans, to be this piece’s biggest asset. The narrative is pretty confusing so if you could hone in the story and shifting timeline (right?) it would be very well orchestrated.

  5. Paolo Pedercini

    Ambitious and well constructed. I really like the character-specific styles. Is there an ending? I didn’t find one yet but you might want to consider adding one by hiding choices and events using variables after they are made otherwise you sort of get stuck in the same time loops.

  6. garamk

    It took a while to get used to, but when it gets through, seeing and feeling the multiple characters/objects in an identical time setting is marvelous. I really like how multi-faceted this story is. But then again, I had to re-grip the situation at every choice or two.