Hello Twine!


Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.
Official website + downloads

Quick intro by Anna Anthropy

Video tutorials by the creator:


This is the source of the advanced tutorial I showed in class (choices, actions, display, html, css).

To customize your story style follow these steps:
1. Download Brackets

2. Build a story and open the html file in brackets. Or use these two sample stories: CSS test

3. Tweak the style section of the html using Brakets’ live preview

4. When you are satisfied copy the style blocks you changed, go back to your twine project file and and paste them in a new isolated passage tagged “stylesheet”.

Twine CSS – How to change the appearance of your story-game by Ashton Raze

Some ready made Twine styles by Leon Arnott (for the engine Sugarcane)

Color palette creator
– turn an image in a CSS ready palette

Google fonts fonts that can be linked in your css

Official wiki with reference and much more

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