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Creepy Cat Doll

The “Creepy Cat Robot” is a stuffed cat with servos and photo-resistors stuffed within its body. A photo-resistor poked into its stomach signals whether or not two servos stuffed into its arms should wiggle around or not, based on a certain light threshold.

The experience involves giving a volunteer a flashlight and instructing them to walk into a darkened room. When in the dark, the cat will “dance”. However, when someone tries to look at it with the flashlight, the cat will stand still. This creates either a humorous or horrific experience for the viewer, depending on the context.


SKY HIGH (final)

Use the up key to stay afloat, collect the moon coins and the gold moon coins especially. The bombs will hurt you and try to bring you down. When the final boss evil vortex appears you can use the space key to shoot bullets against the boss and dodge his evil bombs to win! When you fall or HP = 0 its game over, so be careful! Press for a new game. Good Luck Man on The Moon

candy candy bang bang 0.1


Roughly: Collect magical candy orbs! Combine magical candy bullet powers! Don’t get shot! (A readme is included.)

EDIT: New: Version 0.2! Includes some graphics!

A/D: Move

W: Jump; press again in midair to airdash towards cursor

Space: Shoot

R: Reset

EDIT 3: Actual Not Windows Version

The Guns Are Freakin’ Jetpacks Press Enter To Slay Each Other


The Guns Are Freakin’ Jetpacks Press Enter To Slay Each Other is a game where can grab a friend and blow them up to delicious red pixel-y bits.

Player 1 uses WASD to control the white Robot (Named xXSniperGod420Xx)

Player 2 uses ARROW KEYS to control the black Robot. (Named Shootbot400)

WordPress think the zip file is too big, so here are some Google Drive Links:

Click Here to Download!

Game Idea

First person word guessing game using geometrica.

You’re on the word or in the word. Word maze? 3d?

Starting at level 2, levels would probably increase by word length by one letter.

level 2 “at”
level 3 “who”

game ideas

Idea 1:

The game is played with a the character/sprite starting from a ground and jumping up and to the right onto multiple trampoline-esque platforms, as if on a never-ending staircase towards the sky. It scrolls and side-scrolls, so if the player accidentally jumps towards the left and off the screen or falls between two platforms, the game ends. The goal is to cover the greatest height and distance. The game starts off easily, but as it progresses there are obstacles appearing on some of the platforms that the character must jump over or shoot down. Played with up, down, left, right, and spacebar. Like a cross between Doodle Jump and Mario…? kinda

Idea 2:

The player must navigate through a maze and avoid enemies that are blocking the path. The game starts with a view of the character and a zoomed-in portion of the maze, and the player has to navigate through it without colliding with any enemies or the walls of the maze itself. There are objects that must be collected before reaching the end of the maze and optionally collected objects to increase points. Other objects can be collected that will make the player either increase or decrease in size, therefore helping or hindering the player’s goal. The game ends either when the player dies (collides with an obstacle) or reaches the end of the maze, and points are determined by how much time it took to finish and the extra-point objects. Played with normal up, down, left, and right controls or mouse navigation.

Machine Gun Cage Match

unnamed The game requires two players to play. Each player controls a character armed with a machine gun. The machine gun can fire in 8 directions. The recoil of the machine gun will actually propel the player in the opposite direction of the bullets, allowing the player to lift themselves up into the air with their guns. This mechanic is similar to the games “Cave Story” and “There’s No Time To Explain”. Of course, if a player gets hit with a bullet, HP goes down. First player to have their HP go to 0 loses. The matches take place on a stage that have various walls and floors for the players to navigate.  BulletForce

wow ha omg yeah great

balls fly at you! ahhh! balls aren’t good! they push you away from your goal. your goal is to gather the good balls and go right. don’t hit the bumper :O the balls get faster so it gets harder after a while ;)


complete shit!



Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.32.22 PM

Game Idea: Flabman

Save a giant flabby, droopy, mass of a person from himself. A greatly exaggerated humanlike figure will fill the bottom half of the screen, just head and neck, rolls on rolls of fat drooping. Your job is to pop the ever growing pimples on the rolls, to save Flabman from having to wash his face. You control a hand with the index finger extended, and must continually pop pimples as more and more grow. If you miss a certain amount, the game is over, and Flabman cries. Drawings to come soon (forgot my sketchbook).

Gaming Ideas, Sky High & The Best Quest of All Times

Kanye Quest:

My first idea is Kanye Quest, a spinoff of Asteroid. Fight off Paparazzi, interviewers, and all the haters that don’t recognize your creative genius. Be careful not to attack allies like Jay & Bey and not to forget your family Kim & North.Unlike asteroid instead of bullets you shoot cash, and an only a limited amount (You shoot $100000 every time). If allies touch you, you get more cash. It is debatable if I will add difficulties or levels. I may add high scores if it’s possible. Of course the ship (Kanye) and the asteroids and allies will be imported photos. I would love to add sound effects if possible to do over background music.


Sky High:

Play as Mr.Solo Dolo trying to take flight.  Collect all the moon coins to keep you sky high, or else you’ll fall and burn (the coins give you an upward velocity). The sky might fall and get in your way so please be careful! With bosses like DePress, GHo$+, and the MANIEC (you shoot the bosses to win). They may be scary, but don’t worry, you have the heart of a lion. This is a game where you win by finding the Gold coin called Happiness, ending your pursuit.

The Teflon Don Pelican-


Click for the pelican gif

The Teflon Don Pelican

The teflon don pelican has escaped from his enclosure and is attempting to get to the fish pond.

He has to fly over obstacles ( space ship landing fisica config).

– Zoo Keepers trying to catch him (Fk the police.) using nets at different heights.

– Drop off some packages

– Try to grab some babies

– Avoid contracting bird flu from other birds that are flying


Collect some power ups

– Deal with some urban punks

– try to hit up the female pelican enclosure(On a Tuesday)



Find Pablo & Noriega.


Coke Boy Mode

Find some coke and increase speed but you’re tripping so the background is seizure inducing-psychedelic  and distracting.


Its a scrolling layout, fly over trees, zoo keepers and nets.

The more you fly the slower you become, so you have to walk to attempt to avoid some obstacles & regain flying capability.

Use timer for events like Coke Boy Mode & Female Pelican Enclosure.

Essentially, I’m basing it on the space ship landing game you fly and land on power ups , the caveat being that you can only fly for so long.

Game Idea: VomSplosion

A Galaga style shooter game in which the object is to shoot beer into the waiting mouths of college students until they explode into piles of vomit. The game will start out with freshman who explode with only one hit, then moving up to sophomores who take two to vomit, and so on. The enemies grow more frequent and difficult as the game goes on, and you can obtain different types of drinks (ships) to get more power.


Rolly Puppy-Game pitch

2014-10-28 13.23.13

Play as a rotund dog who isn’t that great at locomotion to finish your neighborhood walk. You have to stay on the sidewalk path while at the same time trying to keep from toppling over. Difficulty increases both between levels and within the levels themselves.

Use the left and right arrows to shift the character’s position while using the a and d keys to maintain balance, mostly after shifting position. The left and right arrows displayed on the screen provide feedback on how well the character is balanced. Ideally the game is randomly generated (if possible). There are only three mistakes allowed before it’s game over.

I don’t know if there are other mechanics/features that the player can be introduced to in later levels, but I’m considering it.

Game Idea: Scroll


Figures floating around –

(bacteria, asian character strokes, latin letters … )

if the button is pressed,

the figures come to stop gradually

to form a complete scroll to be read


* This is an illustration by Marc Ngui for A Thousand Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari.

game idea

A 2d platformer involving dodging bullets and mixing powers. So… kinda like Touhou/Isaac + Super Crate Box?

Essentially: You’re a character who can move around and fire bullets (damaging projectiles that fire straight away from you). Your goal is to beat as many bosses as possible in a single run. Each boss can shoot bullets too, and has a certain power (some kind of bullet modifier), as well as underlings with weaker versions of said power. By beating each boss, you add their power to your own (up to the 2 most recent powers gained, or potentially 3 if it’s more fun?). By defeating bosses in a good order, you can try to find powerful synergies; there will probably be around 12 bosses in total.

Your controls are: wasd to move/jump, space to fire in the direction the mouse is pointed, w midair for air brakes (for greater ease of dodging bullet hell). Taking a hit causes you to be defeated. There tend to be 2 or 3 different bosses on the screen at once, along with underlings they summon. Underlings have stupid movement patterns, while bosses have rudimentary dodging.

Some examples of abilities:
-Penta shot: Shoot five bullets at once in a pentagon around you.
-Branching shot: Bullets explode into five smaller bullets on contact with a surface.
-Block summoning: Shoots a large block affected by gravity, which destroys other bullets on contact and disappears after a while.
-Beam: Makes shots rapid-fire, larger, and faster but less powerful, causing them to form a single beam.

Example combo: Beam + branching shot: Shoots a laser that forms a starburst of lasers upon hitting a surface. (This is a good combo!)

The screen is a 2d platformer with looping sides; you and enemies can move off the sides and loop around, but shots cannot.

5-min mockup:


Ideas for games

I have to ideas for my games, both being these games on formalism. As of right now I would like to use the aesthetics of my “clock” piece and make it more interactive.

The first idea is an aesthetic game of tic-tac-toe in which the X’s are black and the O’s are white. The winner’s pieces then change from black or white to a black and white image of water. That being the reverse of the inverted picture of water in the background.


My other idea is a formal game that is more about constructing a geometric structure within the grid than actually winning a game. It is timed, so builders will have three minutes to construct something and then game over.

Here are some reference images:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.21.39 PMother water



Collide with asteroids to pick them up! Your rockets still only push your own ship, so try to collect asteroids in a way that doesn’t make thrust incredibly awkward.


fisica clock


Fisica clock using Geomerative. Every second, the current time in seconds is shot across the screen. Colors vary slightly between seconds, somewhat between minutes, and drastically between hours. After each minute, that minute’s seconds start to fade out to make room for more chars.


31st December- Chaos vs Order

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.01.55

Order vs. Chaos

31st December

Click the image to change the position of the sun/moon(time of day)

  • Daytime – rain
  • Dusk – Bats
  • Night time – fireworks

as seen through a window.

The lower the pointer is, on the screen ,the later the time of day.

The clouds move on a sine wave.

The stars twinkle but its hard to see with the fireworks.

Lastly, the pattern that appears when the fireworks are shown is supposed to mimic the spotty vision you get when you look at bright lights for too long.


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.04.21 Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.04.45 Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.04.44 Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.04.40 Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.04.39 Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 23.04.35




Move mouse to the right to decay an image, and to the left to rebuild it. It works by splitting the image into 16×16 chunks and sliding each chunk in turn, with more inaccuracy in the sliding process the farther to the right the mouse is. It tends to result in kinda glitchy-looking repetitive patterns.


Original images: cat = louis wain; can’t find the spartan’s original source online anymore

Glitch Reading Response

I never really stopped to consider what are digital aesthetics in their historical context. For example, with what we consider to be a typical midi music type of sound, or retro video game sounds, are based entirely in technical limitations of not only software limitations but the physical components of these machines that are fairly archaic by now. The same applies to the evolution of the physical components of the desktop computer, and the derivations of the mouse and keyboard, along with the inner components of the computer.

In regards to glitches, I can relate to the statement that a glitch can grant insight to how a program runs.  This often happens to me when I’m playing a video game and the textures fail, or, at least in the case of games on the Source engine, the giant red “ERROR” in the place of an object that was supposed to be in the game environment. Or when you do a series of actions slightly out of sequence from what the developers probably intended and it spawns multiples instances of an enemy.

rainbow automaton


A drawing program / cellular automaton. Draw with your mouse on the left; press any key to play/pause the automaton.


How it works: Each box on the grid to the left is a cell, and each cell can either be alive or dead. At each tick, a cell’s living state changes based on the states of each neighbor according to rules defined in the center column. By drawing on the grid to the left, you can turn cells on, and by pressing any key you can run the automaton.

There are two rules: on rule and off rule, which determine the state of a cell currently living or dead respectively. If enough cells to the sides highlighted by a colored box are currently alive, the cell being checked is alive; otherwise it is dead. The parameters for how many neighbors must be alive can be changed, as well as which sides are checked.

The grid on the right shows the underlying alive/dead statesof each cell for the sake of information. On the left, an alive cell cycles through the rainbow, while a dead cell stays a single color.

This program is an extension of Conway’s Game of Life:

In order to run Conway’s Game of Life, highlight all cells for the On/Off rules, set On min/max to 2/3, and set Off min/max to 3/3.

drawing algorithm

-Decide on an angle (45, 60, 90, 120…) or a combination thereof.
-Mark a point on the page. This is the center.
-Using a short stroke, draw a line. It shouldn’t curve, but can have as many angular bends as you want in the angles you decided on, and should go through the given point.
-Repeatedly, add lines given each new line fits the following criteria:
-It can have as many angular bends as you like.
-It should not intersect other lines, though it should try to follow contours when possible. It can collide with itself, but not pass through.
-It must have at least one point that’s as close to the center as possible (without touching other lines).
-It must be at least as long as the last line you drew.
-Continue until you’re satisfied with the result (though you should ideally draw at least a dozen lines).

2014-09-23 01.20.46 2014-09-23 01.20.56 2014-09-23 01.21.16


  1. Create a 1-inch long line anywhere on the canvas, however it may not cross over the X-axis or the Y-axis.
  2. Reflect this line into the three other empty quadrants.
  3. Create another one-inch line in any one of the quadrants, however this line must intersect with the previously created line at any point on the line.
  4. Reflect this line into the three other empty quadrants.
  5. Repeat this process and on every fifth iteration create a circle of any size that follows the rules of the previously made lines.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5.

^ I meant steps 1 through 6Snapchat-20140918015606 Snapchat-20140918015628 Snapchat-20140918015642 Snapchat-20140918015652 Snapchat-20140918015705

Circles & Recursion

1) Draw 4 equally sized circles about 4cm in diameter, each 3cm away from the center of the page. One 3cm away horizontally from the left, one 3cm horizontally from the right, one 3cm away vertically from the top, one 3 cm away vertically from the bottom

2) Draw 2 lines both 45 degrees that do not touch but go in between the four circles. Line 1 starts between the circle at the top and the circle at the left and ends between the circle at the bottom and the circle at the right. Line 2 starts between the circle at the top and the circle at the right, and ends between the circle at the bottom and the circle at the left.

3) Draw a circle that encompasses the 4 circles

4) Draw a circle that intersects at least 2 of the circles

5)Repeat steps 1 & 2 inside the 4 original circles

6)Draw 3 lines that intersect 2 of the circles but cannot go past the 2 circles it intersects.


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