The Teflon Don Pelican-


Click for the pelican gif

The Teflon Don Pelican

The teflon don pelican has escaped from his enclosure and is attempting to get to the fish pond.

He has to fly over obstacles ( space ship landing fisica config).

– Zoo Keepers trying to catch him (Fk the police.) using nets at different heights.

– Drop off some packages

– Try to grab some babies

– Avoid contracting bird flu from other birds that are flying


Collect some power ups

– Deal with some urban punks

– try to hit up the female pelican enclosure(On a Tuesday)



Find Pablo & Noriega.


Coke Boy Mode

Find some coke and increase speed but you’re tripping so the background is seizure inducing-psychedelic  and distracting.


Its a scrolling layout, fly over trees, zoo keepers and nets.

The more you fly the slower you become, so you have to walk to attempt to avoid some obstacles & regain flying capability.

Use timer for events like Coke Boy Mode & Female Pelican Enclosure.

Essentially, I’m basing it on the space ship landing game you fly and land on power ups , the caveat being that you can only fly for so long.

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