game idea

A 2d platformer involving dodging bullets and mixing powers. So… kinda like Touhou/Isaac + Super Crate Box?

Essentially: You’re a character who can move around and fire bullets (damaging projectiles that fire straight away from you). Your goal is to beat as many bosses as possible in a single run. Each boss can shoot bullets too, and has a certain power (some kind of bullet modifier), as well as underlings with weaker versions of said power. By beating each boss, you add their power to your own (up to the 2 most recent powers gained, or potentially 3 if it’s more fun?). By defeating bosses in a good order, you can try to find powerful synergies; there will probably be around 12 bosses in total.

Your controls are: wasd to move/jump, space to fire in the direction the mouse is pointed, w midair for air brakes (for greater ease of dodging bullet hell). Taking a hit causes you to be defeated. There tend to be 2 or 3 different bosses on the screen at once, along with underlings they summon. Underlings have stupid movement patterns, while bosses have rudimentary dodging.

Some examples of abilities:
-Penta shot: Shoot five bullets at once in a pentagon around you.
-Branching shot: Bullets explode into five smaller bullets on contact with a surface.
-Block summoning: Shoots a large block affected by gravity, which destroys other bullets on contact and disappears after a while.
-Beam: Makes shots rapid-fire, larger, and faster but less powerful, causing them to form a single beam.

Example combo: Beam + branching shot: Shoots a laser that forms a starburst of lasers upon hitting a surface. (This is a good combo!)

The screen is a 2d platformer with looping sides; you and enemies can move off the sides and loop around, but shots cannot.

5-min mockup:


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