rainbow automaton


A drawing program / cellular automaton. Draw with your mouse on the left; press any key to play/pause the automaton.


How it works: Each box on the grid to the left is a cell, and each cell can either be alive or dead. At each tick, a cell’s living state changes based on the states of each neighbor according to rules defined in the center column. By drawing on the grid to the left, you can turn cells on, and by pressing any key you can run the automaton.

There are two rules: on rule and off rule, which determine the state of a cell currently living or dead respectively. If enough cells to the sides highlighted by a colored box are currently alive, the cell being checked is alive; otherwise it is dead. The parameters for how many neighbors must be alive can be changed, as well as which sides are checked.

The grid on the right shows the underlying alive/dead statesof each cell for the sake of information. On the left, an alive cell cycles through the rainbow, while a dead cell stays a single color.

This program is an extension of Conway’s Game of Life:


In order to run Conway’s Game of Life, highlight all cells for the On/Off rules, set On min/max to 2/3, and set Off min/max to 3/3.

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