drawing algorithm

-Decide on an angle (45, 60, 90, 120…) or a combination thereof.
-Mark a point on the page. This is the center.
-Using a short stroke, draw a line. It shouldn’t curve, but can have as many angular bends as you want in the angles you decided on, and should go through the given point.
-Repeatedly, add lines given each new line fits the following criteria:
-It can have as many angular bends as you like.
-It should not intersect other lines, though it should try to follow contours when possible. It can collide with itself, but not pass through.
-It must have at least one point that’s as close to the center as possible (without touching other lines).
-It must be at least as long as the last line you drew.
-Continue until you’re satisfied with the result (though you should ideally draw at least a dozen lines).

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