Gaming Ideas, Sky High & The Best Quest of All Times

Kanye Quest:

My first idea is Kanye Quest, a spinoff of Asteroid. Fight off Paparazzi, interviewers, and all the haters that don’t recognize your creative genius. Be careful not to attack allies like Jay & Bey and not to forget your family Kim & North.Unlike asteroid instead of bullets you shoot cash, and an only a limited amount (You shoot $100000 every time). If allies touch you, you get more cash. It is debatable if I will add difficulties or levels. I may add high scores if it’s possible. Of course the ship (Kanye) and the asteroids and allies will be imported photos. I would love to add sound effects if possible to do over background music.


Sky High:

Play as Mr.Solo Dolo trying to take flight.  Collect all the moon coins to keep you sky high, or else you’ll fall and burn (the coins give you an upward velocity). The sky might fall and get in your way so please be careful! With bosses like DePress, GHo$+, and the MANIEC (you shoot the bosses to win). They may be scary, but don’t worry, you have the heart of a lion. This is a game where you win by finding the Gold coin called Happiness, ending your pursuit.

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