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  1. Eryn

    I think your concept is pretty funny, and definitely up to date. Way more up to date than I am, I have no idea who half of these people are and for any players who don’t know these people, the jokes are kind of lost on. But other than that I like the attempt at the variables and outcomes.

  2. jiheon_han

    even though there aren’t that much text, i feel overwhelmed by all the references (that i should know?) and the circumstances, the ideas all connected with the words “Grammy”, “rap-star”, “kill”, “call” and “phone”…so that it is like capitalistic poetry which feeds me. i feel, thus, that since certain paragraphs can be hard to read, they can organized into bits of sections, along with some words colored in more dramatic ways, etc

  3. darrius_fletcher

    It certainly can be a little bit alienating for those who are not completely up to date, as people have mentioned, it is still fun to play. Like Eryn I enjoyed that you tried to use variables/conditionals that affect the outcome of the game for the player. The absurdity of the story itself is fitting for the sphere of modern celebrities with all their scandals and the sensationalism that comes with their actions.

  4. nick_sardo

    I’m impressed by how many pop culture references you were able to fit into your game, and I think it was a good idea to choose a topic with so many characters and drama. It gives you a lot to write about. However, I do kind of wish that the story was a little more personal. There isn’t much to connect to with the characters. It would be cool if you could create sort of an alternate reality for them, where you put them in a completely unusual scenario.