6 thoughts on “Hold it In!”

  1. Yes. Longest fart joke ever.

    I understand that the gag is to provide an eloquent description of something as base as holding in a fart in an elevator. Keeping this in mind, I think you re-use some metaphors and words a little too much, making replaying or going up a longer path in the game a stale fart. (And example being “beast”, “cage”, or “abomination”)

  2. I think this concept is amazing and hilarious and I’m really glad you made a game out of it, I think that’s awesome. The fact that you even came up with a concept that allowed a player to interact is beyond my own creative abilities.

  3. this is a fantasy come-true for me, since i’d like to think more in an elevator. it feels as if the game now fills in some kind of gap for me now when i’m in an elevator, waiting, or doing nothing…like some jelly. i wish it would be longer so i can play it all night, as myself in an elevator

  4. I like that you’re testing the limits of how ridiculous “art” or anything really can be before the audience loses interest or discounts the piece as too crude. The writing is refreshing and definitely gets a few laughs.

  5. This is just amazing. I never thought it’s possible to find a funny fart joke but this one takes the cake. I couldn’t stop laughing. The amount of detail with every passage was both precise and hilarious. Love it

  6. Your narration of such an immature act made the story so much funnier. I love your style of writing, and the different outcomes were amusing and unexpected. Nice job!

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